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Commercial Brilliance: Elevate Your Business with our Polished Concrete Expertise

Polished Concrete Solutions for Commercial Spaces

AmTech understands the impact of lasting impressions in your business. Our polished concrete solutions redefine elegance and functionality, offering durable, low-maintenance floors that withstand heavy traffic. With over two decades of expertise, AmTech transforms commercial spaces, leaving an exceptional impression on clients.

A massive polished concrete job done by AmTech in Springfield, MO.

Commercial Polished Concrete

Immerse your business in sophistication and resilience with our commercial polished concrete solutions. Our expert craftsmen deliver polished floors that exude professionalism, making a powerful impact on your clients and visitors. From retail showrooms to offices, our polished concrete enhances both aesthetics and functionality.

Epoxy Flake Flooring

Experience the perfect marriage of durability and design with our epoxy flake flooring. Ideal for commercial spaces, our epoxy flake solutions offer both style and strength. Choose from a variety of color combinations and patterns to create a visually stunning and high-performance flooring system.

Concrete Surface Prep

Ensure a solid foundation for your commercial flooring with our concrete surface preparation services. We meticulously prepare subfloors, ensuring that your new flooring adheres flawlessly, providing a seamless and long-lasting finish.

Glue Removal

Bid farewell to old adhesives and welcome a clean slate with our commercial glue removal services. We efficiently remove residue, ensuring a smooth and even surface for the installation of your new flooring, whether it's in an office, retail space, or warehouse.

Concrete Sealer

Enhance the durability and protection of your commercial floors with our concrete sealing services. Our premium sealers guard against stains, chemicals, and heavy traffic, preserving the pristine appearance of your floors and promoting longevity.

Warehouse and Industrial Floors

Ensure the safety and efficiency of your warehouse or industrial plant with our specialized cleaning and sealing services. We create durable surfaces that withstand heavy equipment and provide a safe working environment for your staff.
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